How did I take this shot?

So how did I manage to take this shot?

This may be for lower level photographers and not for professionals, but hey we can all learn something sometimes.

First and foremost make sure your settings are all good. You know this will need a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the water, so put the camera in shutter speed mode and set the speed to around 1/1000. The aperture will automatically change to suit the shot so I would put the ISO in auto mode for this. White balance.... probably cloudy but you can easily change this in LR or PS. Oh, and make sure the camera is in AI SERVO mode!

Camera is all ready to go, follow that bear around with your finger on the trigger (not literally) and as soon as you see him starting to come out the water, fire away!!! You may take 5 - 12 shots and get 3 amazing ones but that is animal photography! Better to take more than miss the shot!

That's it, simple as that!

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