Welcome to my site! I am an animal photographer. I mostly photograph animals at Zoos across Japan. There are many different views and opinions on the subject of Zoo photography but I invite you to look at my work and see if you can come to your own decisions.

I also photograph wildlife which is obviously amazing to do, but it takes time and money. I like to show people that you do not have to travel the world to take stunning shots. 

Awards & Nominations:

These are my main achievements:

2020 - PX3 - The Prix de la Photographie - Bronze https://px3.fr/winners/px3/2020/11129/

2020 - Monovisions - Honourable mention - https://monovisionsawards.com/winners-gallery/monovisions-awards-2020/show/3940

2019 - TIFA - Silver - 

2019 - Monochrome awards - Honorable mention 

2018 -  Monochrome awards - Honorable mention 

2018 - Zen - Winner in Photography Section 

2017 - 2018 - Canon Gallery Winner


My work has been published in Newspapers and Magazines worldwide over 36 times.